New boiler scrappage scheme fires up interest

Advice centre takes thousands of calls following scheme launch

29 January 2010

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme, the government’s latest effort to improve domestic energy efficiency, has generated an overwhelming response, with thousands of people calling to find out if they can benefit.  

Aimed at ridding the nation of its oldest and most inefficient boilers, the scheme, launched by the government at the start of this year, is offering up to 125,000 householders the chance to replace their old G-rated boiler (likely to be 15 years old or more) to an efficient A-rated one by giving them a voucher that entitles them to £400 off.

If they chose, householders can also put the grant towards a new renewable heating system, such as a biomass boiler or a heat pump.

CSE provides the Bristol ‘hub’ of the South West Energy Saving Trust advice centre and has taken an unprecedented number of calls from people wishing to apply for the grant. Our advice team processes these applications and refers them to the Energy Saving Trust head office in London which sends out vouchers. The advisors also make sure applicants are taking advantage of other energy saving schemes, such as CSE’s Warm Streets insulation programme (find out more about this scheme here).

Domestic heating accounts for around 14% of the UK’s CO2 emissions, and the Boiler Scrappage Scheme will help to save in the region of 140,000t CO2 per year. There are also benefits to households who stand to save up to £235 a year on fuel bills by replacing their old boiler with an efficient one.

There are currently around 3.5m households in England with old G-rated boilers.

To find out more about the Boiler Scrappage Scheme and whether you can benefit, or to apply for a voucher, call the Energy Saving Trust advice centre on: 0800 512 012, or visit the Energy Saving Trust website:

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